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MESSAGE GUIDE: Holy Land Series

Hosted by Charles and Hilary Price, nearly 400 friends of Living Truth were taken on an unforgettable journey through Israel and Jordan.

Walking where Jesus walked was a monumental awakening of the soul. Hearts and minds were stilled to hear the voice of God.

From Mount Nebo to Nazareth, from the shores of Galilee to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem and by the banks of the Jordan River, the Word of God, illuminated in these historic Biblical sites, was a magnificent gift to behold. These special messages from the “Land where Jesus walked” will inspire and nurture every heart.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Living Your Inheritance

It’s wonderful to know God keeps His promises. The book of Joshua tells how God has given us an inheritance into which we are to enter and enjoy. In this series Joshua: Living Your Inheritance, we are reminded that it’s important to consider who leads us. And that we are to trust that God will put us in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Living the Life

In the book of Romans Paul reveals the relationship between human and Godly righteousness. This union between biblical principles and everyday life illustrates for Christians the unquestionable importance of both what we believe and how we live out those beliefs. Does your daily life truly reflect your biblical beliefs, or do you find yourself in a constant battle of double standards? While it’s important to understand the teachings inside the pages of Romans, it’s life-saving to put them into practice!

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MESSAGE GUIDE: The Gospel of God

The book of Romans reveals the answers to important questions and supplies information on many topics, such as salvation, the sovereignty of God, judgment, spiritual growth, and the righteousness of God. In Paul’s beloved book, Romans, he makes some tough, unashamed statements about God’s righteousness; righteousness revealed, righteousness received. Paul wrote the letter to the Romans as a concrete, theological foundation on which to construct their faith and to live for and serve God effectively. Righteousness is the moral character of how’s your character?.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Gender & Sexuality

We are all soulful, sexual and spiritual beings. In today’s world with its ever changing philosophies, ideals and reasoning, knowing where to place our feet on solid moral ground becomes confusing.
We are blown around by many crosswinds of different cultures and social change, especially in the area of sexuality that many simply drift with the times.
In this six part series, International Bible teacher and Evangelist, Charles Price, provides a prolific understanding of what our sexuality means to God and His intended purpose for it.
In his captive, down-to-earth way, Charles deals with the gender dilemma, marriage, finding the right spouse and homosexuality. Gender and Sexuality is a ‘must have’ series.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: The Jesus You Never Noticed

Picture an iceberg, beautiful, majestic, white cascading peaks and points in the glimmering sunshine. But we see only a small portion above the surface, with nearly 90 percent floating below.
When you and I encounter each other, what do we see? Or rather how much do we really know about each other? Not very much! Our history, our environment, our struggles, our battles, our fears, and our sufferings. Some of these things might seem good, some might seem bad.
And what is true about us was true about Jesus taking on the form of a man. Combining all the events recorded in the initial four gospels, we discover only one month’s worth of information about Jesus’ life on earth. There is much we have no detail about.
In this eight part series entitled The Jesus You Never Noticed, Charles Price highlights many of the struggles Jesus experienced. “Through them all”, as expressed in the writer of Hebrews, “learning the greatest of all lessons.... Obedience.”

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Isaiah: Calling People Home

The prophet Isaiah spent most of his life telling people things they needed to hear, but didn’t always like. Specifically he told them what’s wrong with the world, how God would pass His judgment, and then offer comfort and hope.
Prophecy is not defined by its content; it’s defined by its origin. This is the word of God. This is God speaking.
The role of Isaiah as a prophet was not an easy one, but a very necessary one. God spoke through him to His people.
Since the fall of man in the garden, we have been born into sin, continually violating God’s moral laws. God expresses His form of wrath and judgment by giving us our own free will. This leads to hardship, death and destruction.
But the good news is that God does not abandon us, but meets us in our sin. Through forgiveness and grace, He restores us and gives new life in Christ.
In this series, Charles Price provides many compelling examples of a restoring loving God meeting people in midst of their trouble and despair, who otherwise had no hope for the future.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Strength in Weakness

Why do bad things happen to good people?” Why are there diseases, addictions, endless failures, untimely deaths, broken relationships, and so many other heartbreaks? The Apostle Paul may very well have asked the same question.
Facing constant persecution, hardships, beatings, and imprisonment, Paul teaches that we as frail human beings are not sufficient in ourselves to solve our own problems, and were never intended to be. Our sufficiency is in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. In this 9 part series entitled “Strength in Weakness” Charles Price states “There is no better friend than the hardships of life that keep us humble and dependant on God”.

Are you facing trouble and challenge today that you wish God would take away but He hasn’t? Then maybe it’s time to change your thinking. Through this series based on 2 Corinthians, Charles will help you discover an intimacy and dependence on a Living Christ. “There is strength in weakness”.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Nehemiah Series: Rebuilding the Walls

Nehemiah’s heart was broken, just like the city of Jerusalem. The walls had been broken down for 140 years – from 587 to around 444, which is when Nehemiah begins his work.
Not only had the walls of the city been broken down, but the hearts of people had become cold and hard, leading them down a Godless road of rebellion, disobedience and even slavery.
Today the vast majority of our world is no longer God fearing, and lives outside of Jesus Christ. Our cathedrals are now found in stock markets, entertainment districts, beauty salons and a myriad of other diversions.
Christians are losing their effectiveness in reaching people and making disciples as Christ intended. But there is hope, wonderful hope through people with broken hearts just like Nehemiah’s.
Charles Price through this 8 part Nehemiah series, convicts and challenges people to intercede for their world on “bent knees, wet eyes, and a broken heart!”
We don’t bring real benefit to others until God has opened our hearts in such a way that we feel the deep sorrow about the needs around us. And we have to be willing for our hearts to be broken for that to happen.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: The Names of God: 8 Part Series

 Every living person has a name, and most of our names are fairly random. Some cultures place special significance to a name, others cultures name their children after parents, grandparents or celebrities.

Have you ever wondered why God has so many names… Jehovah Jireh “The Lord our Provider”, Jehovah Rapha “The Lord our Healer”, Jehovah Nissi “The Lord our Banner”, and many more?

In this 8 part series entitled “The Names of God” Charles Price reveals through scripture how all of God’s names are revealed to us through the context of His acts. When God intervened in peoples’ lives, he revealed a new name about Himself. You will be intrigued as Charles explains how God did not provide any of His names as mere pieces of information, but rather as an explanation of His presence and experience in the lives of those who encountered Him.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Ephesians 3: Disarming the Darkness

There are three essentials in warfare. You need to know your enemy; you need to know your equipment. And thirdly, you need to know your strategy. Our battle is against the world, the flesh and the devil.
What are we to do in this battle? The Bible says, “Just stand, take your stand.” We are not fighting to win, because the battle is already won. Our task is to stand in the midst of attack, and to stand our ground.
Charles Price with his characteristic simplicity and deep insight into the word of God, shares the victorious life we can have by experiencing Christ
in us each day.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Ephesians 2: Growing up into Christ

Christianity is not just believing certain things and signing off on certain statements that we believe to be true. It is experiential; it is being the recipient of life. And that life is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If we want to change our city—and we do—change our nation—and we do—change our world—and we do—it is not through our own strength but through God’s.

As God the Holy Spirit works in people’s lives and transforms, the outlook and perspective of our day changes. This is not something new! The world has lived in secular ages like this before and people have come back to seek after God.

Charles Price through his series on Ephesians 2, inspires Christians to live in the fullness of the Spirit in mutual submission. As a result individuals, families, communities and indeed the world will be changed and drawn closer to a living Christ.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Ephesians 1: Resources & Responsibilities

The book of Ephesians deals with the biggest need that we have in the spiritual realm, that being the feeling of inadequacy of resources to live the Christian life. We are drained and we are tired, and sometimes we feel as though we are pushing a bus up a hill.
But Christ is sufficient – His reactions, His kindness, His generosity, His love; His life in you is everything you need. At times we may be in situations that are not easy. We could be facing a mountain of trouble. What God has promised is not that He will remove every problem from our lives, but that He will be to us all that we need to see us through.


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MESSAGE GUIDE: Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun

Solomon had known God but turned away from God in his later years and developed an outlook on life that was Godless and meaningless. You know some people do not finish well. We think our best years are behind us. We begin to take off some of the disciplines and the restraints that have been necessary to wholesome living. And Solomon's downfall was the old traps of sex and greed. You can't get more empty, more depressed than this. Ecclesiastes is a depressing book because it is written by a depressed man.
And the good thing about this book is that as Solomon explores all these avenues, as he writes all these despairing comments about a humanistic view of life, he comes back and at the end he says, this is the whole duty of man: "Fear God and keep his commandments."
The question is, "How are you spiritually?". Perhaps looking into this ancient book is like looking into a mirror where you say, "This is me". This shows courage and humility. Ecclesiastes wonderfully gives us the answer too "Remember your Creator".
In this inspiring six part series, Charles Price shares the hope that is the Word of God, and encourages His sheep to get back to God.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: ACTS 3: Turning the World Upside Down

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to look back. The early Church multiplied at an amazing rate – learn how we can follow their example. Renowned Author and Bible teacher Charles Price explores the book of Acts, illuminating the early days of the Church and drawing out lessons for the Body of Christ today. In this compelling ten part series, reconnect with the passion that drove the first Christians to change the world.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Living in the Will of God

The question "What is the will of God for my life?" is a valid question. But the first question should be "What is the will of God?" Period. Not "what is the will of God for me; what is the will of God for God? What is the big picture of what God is doing in the world of which I, as an individual, can have a part?"
My agenda in life, to be valid, must be an expression of God's agenda. My goals in life, to be valid, must be an expression of His goals.
Charles Price with his characteristic simplicity and deep insight into the word of God, will lead you in this nine part teaching series to understand the actual meaning of what does "Living in the will of God" mean in the light of God's strategy for you.

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There are two ordinances that were given to the New Testament church. An ordinance, by definition, is an outward physical act that portrays an inward spiritual experience. And the two ordinances given to us in the New Testament are namely Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. What these two events share in common is that they focus on the cross of Jesus Christ. They focus on His death and on His resurrection.

The act of Baptism, whereby somebody goes down into the water, is a picture of dying with Christ, being buried with Him, and then being rai

sed again to walk in newness of life. Many people become stagnant in their Christian walk, and miss out on this outward physical act of obedience. It is liberating to truly understand the significance of Baptism. In this compelling three part series, Charles Price connects our old life to the death and burial of Christ, and the new life we can experience through His resurrection power.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: IMPACT: When People Meet Jesus

There is something in meeting people.
I want to talk to you about people who met Jesus, not because of the psychosomatic impact that He may have had on them.
But because of the impact He had on them, they didn’t just change what they knew and where they were at that time but had impact that transformed the very nature and identity of that person, not only for time, but where the response was positive, beyond time through eternity.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: The Word of God

We use words to communicate our thoughts and feelings. God does the same – He uses words to speak to us. The Word of God is our authority not because we like its content but because we believe in its origin. It is not just information for the intellect but food for the soul. We will never know God unless we hear His Word, meditate on it, believe it and obey it. Discover the joy of exploring the eternal truth and the beauty of the “Word of God” in this uplifting series of messages.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Journey Into the Heart of God

Love comes from the heart. To love someone we need to know them intimately – in fact we need to know their very hearts. God is no different.

To love Him deeply we need to know His heart and the only way we can do it is through a secret life of prayer. In this deeply rejuvenating series of messages, learn to enjoy a growing intimacy with God as you take a personal journey into His heart.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Exodus: Here Am I, Send Someone Else

The word Exodus literary means ‘the road out’. There are two stories being told simultaneously alongside each other. One is a historical story and the other spiritual. Moses was chosen by God in the Old Testament to deliver Israel from physical bondage; Christ was chosen in the New Testament as the deliverer of spiritual bondage. Both are remarkable stories of deliverance.

Are you facing some kind of ‘bondage’ in your life? Do you long to live a life of freedom in Christ? This may just be the series you were waiting for. Charles with his characteristic simplicity and deep insight into the word of God leads you to a better understanding and inspires you to take the ‘road out’

In ‘The Growth of a Disciple’ you will discover that even in the midst of challenge and adversity, you can stand up boldly for Christ, because it is He that will do it!

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MESSAGE GUIDE: The Growth of a Disciple

To be on solid ground; no half persuasions, delusions or doubt.... richly empowering, this four-part series takes you there. In his strikingly articulate way, Charles Price provides an in-depth exposition on the last letter the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy and brings invaluable teachings, to modern day lives, filled with uncertainty.

In ‘The Growth of a Disciple’ you will discover that even in the midst of challenge and adversity, you can stand up boldly for Christ, because it is He that will do it!

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Dynamics of an Effective Church

What does it mean to be an effective church? There are things going on in the church we can explain very easily in terms of personalities, abilities, programming, planning and scheming. All those things are perfectly explainable. But when Jesus Christ is the source of life, there are things that are bigger than personalities, abilities, programs, plans and gifts where the only explanation is that God is doing something.

In this ground breaking series of messages Charles draws our attention to the timeless dynamics that makes ‘the church’ truly effective in it’s character and mission. He provides an in-depth overview of what it means to be the true Body of Christ on earth.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Living from the Inner Core

What kind of reward should you expect through the way you live your life? Most people tend to please man rather than God. They are more interested in gaining people’s approval rather than His. In this very practical teaching series, Charles Price walks us through Matthew 6, which addresses the question “Where am I storing my treasures, in heaven or on earth?”. “Living from the Inner Core” is about discovering the key that unlocks a secret place, alone with God, enjoying all the rewards that intimacy with Him can bring. And there are many rewards for you as you grow in intimacy with Him. You can’t lose it!

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Colossians: Staying on Track

Every true Christian is designed to be set apart for Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is not simply getting yourself off the hook so you go to heaven instead of hell. It is bringing your life in full surrender to God, so that you are now set apart from all the run of the mill, rest of the world for the purpose of Jesus Christ.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Abraham Living By Faith on a Rocky Road

Charles Price mentions that the movement is not always upwards; sometimes the movement is downwards. And it’s not always forwards; sometimes it’s backwards. It can be a little bit like a game of Snakes and Ladders. You hit a ladder and you feel you are making progress and you’re doing well, and suddenly you hit a snake and down you go again.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Sermon on the Mount

In this unique and insightful series, Charles Price explains that we don’t become the right kind of person by doing the right kind of things. In our relationship with Jesus, He helps us to change who we are and then, as a result, changes what we do – so that we can truly be "The the salt of the earth, and the light of the world."

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Transformations

The miracles that Jesus performed were unique and wonderful expressions of His love and power. But they weren’t just to get people out of a fix. Every event in Jesus’ life was a sign – a sign pointing to the Transforming power to be found in Jesus Christ – “I have come that you might have life (John 10), and have it more abundantly!”

In this new series, Transformations, Charles Price explains how the key miracles of Jesus from the Gospel of John are ‘pointers’ to the abundant, victorious and transforming life that we can experience with Jesus!

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MESSAGE GUIDE:Crucial Christian Convictions

Some think that Christianity is a belief system that is based on a series of 'texts' or 'verses' that are almost disconnected ideas. But Christianity is actually one 'big idea' , an overall context for understanding God, ourselves and our world - call it Christian Doctrine. In this exciting new series, Charles Price explains some core principles of that Doctrine and gives practical suggestions for living out your beliefs, every day.

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MESSAGE GUIDE: Romans: The Road to Freedom: 27 Part Series (Formally titled Romans 27)

The entire Romans series for your daily walk
How are we to behave as the agents of Jesus Christ in a fallen world? And there’s lots of confusion because many of us have found ourselves conforming to the pattern of the world, exactly something Paul said do not do, but it’s convenient to do it. And some of us do it because we’ve lost the spiritual navigation, and therefore we suffer serious cracks in our walls. Charles Price lays a solid foundation from the scriptures, which will help you live and relate to this world as Christ intended.

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