For the Kingdom of God: Living Truth in the Middle East

Tune in to Living Truth's special missions programming on October 19th, October 26th and November 2nd, 2014.

Living Truth into the Middle East
Media is the key to reaching Arabic speaking people in the Middle East. In many Arabic countries it is difficult for people from other religions to get information about Christianity or even to visit churches. Satellite TV is cheap and available to everyone. In secret, and in the privacy of their own homes, people can learn about Christ through Christian programs on satellite TV.

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Charles and Hilary Price travel to Iraq and Lebanon
Last year, thanks to generous financial support from our viewers, Living Truth began broadcasting an Arabic version of the program on the satellite TV network, Alkarma TV. This year Charles and Hilary Price travelled to Northern Iraq and Lebanon to find out how God is using media to bring His word to this troubled part of the world.

Broadening our reach
Our goal in 2014, is to strengthen the Living Truth Arabic ministry by developing a 30 minute radio program, enhancing the web site, translating daily devotionals into Arabic and providing materials to pastors in the Middle East.

Please support Living Truth to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Arabic speaking people around the world through satellite TV and the internet. And at this turbulent time in Iraq, we will send humanitarian aid to the churches in Erbil, Northern Iraq who are helping thousands of Christians driven from their homes by an extremist army.

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