CD: The Names of God (8 Part Series)

CD: The Names of God (8 Part Series)

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Every living person has a name, and most of our names are fairly random. Some cultures place special significance to a name, others cultures name their children after parents, grandparents or celebrities.

Have you ever wondered why God has so many names… Jehovah Jireh “The Lord our Provider”, Jehovah Rapha “The Lord our Healer”, Jehovah Nissi “The Lord our Banner”, and many more?

In this 8 part series entitled “The Names of God” Charles Price reveals through scripture how all of God’s names are revealed to us through the context of His acts. When God intervened in peoples’ lives, he revealed a new name about Himself. You will be intrigued as Charles explains how God did not provide any of His names as mere pieces of information, but rather as an explanation of His presence and experience in the lives of those who encountered Him.