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Series: For the Kingdom of God
Sunday Oct 19 2014
Title: A Message for the People of God – Part One

“The ox knows his master, the donkey his owner’s manger, but Israel does not know,  my people do not understand.” Isaiah 1:3

 Out of the immense turmoil of recent years, people in the Middle East are looking for peace, not just collectively, but personally, deep in their hearts. Some of these people are finding real peace - the peace that only Jesus can bring. Last year, we shared our vision for Egypt and Jordan and for the increasing number of Arabic speaking people eager to hear the Gospel. This week, Living Truth follows up with the first of a three part special missions program, filmed in Northern Iraq, an area that is known as Iraqi Kurdistan.

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My Daily Journey with Christ

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Faith Journeys

Hello Charles. Just listened to your message re Evidence of the Holy Spirit living in you and a hunger for Jesus Christ and a real 2 dimensional relationship with Jesus Christ. My wife and I are experiencing this reality and have been for 48 months...

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